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Water Effect
This is a popular effect and gives alot of depth and there are alot of variations to this technique
I was lucky enough to learn this one from Bobbo

We start off with a red scuffed panel

I'm not to happy with the red so I painted it orange and sprayed a light coat of
Zirillic pearl in some 222 over it

after the paint has set up for about 15 minutes I go in with the water bottle and start to spray it on I found that spraying
 it up  at an angle gives it a more random effect
Here is the panel with the water on it don't make the water drops to big or it will take forever
 for the water to evaporate

Now its time to spray some paint I hold the gun sideways at a low level so that we only
get the bottom of the water drops don't put on to much paint keep your
 pressure low and I over reduce the paint a lil .
I just added a lil red toner to the original orange paint to darken it up.

Know I go get some yellow and do the same thing from the opposite end and using
very lil it will go along way and I use the same spraying method

here is what the panel looks like after I was done spraying the bases

I let it completely dry up and here is what we have

I don't wipe it or tack it or anything I make sure its dry and spray some clear over the
panel and here is the finished product

Here are the three colors I used for this demo
this is the orange of the panel

and here is the yellow and red

this makes for a cool background effect to fill up space or as a whole panel
here is another panel using this background

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